Joint Stock Company «Dollezhal Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering»

Joint Stock Company «Dollezhal Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering»

JSC «Dollezhal Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering» (NIKIET) is one of the largest nuclear equipment and technology design facilities in Russia. NIKIET designs NPP reactors, vessel and other nuclear power plants and engine units, research reactor facilities, and integrated automated control systems. NIKIET conducts researches in reactor physics, thermal physics, hydro dynamics, material science, nuclear, radiation and environmental safety of nuclear reactors, reactor core optimization, lifecycle management and decommissioning of nuclear plants.

The specialists of the Institute have designed: reactor plant for the first soviet nuclear submarine, water-graphite pressure tube reactor for the first NPP in the world located in Obninsk, the first dual-purpose power reactor for the Siberian NPP, the first pressure tube reactor with steam superheating for Beloyarsk NPP. On the whole, more than 27 research reactors in Russia and abroad were built based on the design and with participation of NIKIET. Some of the reactors are unique and have no analogues in the world.  

Today, NIKIET is the chief contractor in the area of nuclear and radiation safety for disposal of nuclear submarines and surface vessels of the Russian Navy, and in the area of environmental rehabilitation of radiation hazardous facilities.

As for the works on design of I&C equipment and subsystems for NPPs and nuclear facilities, NIKIET has implemented a number of projects on the design of automated monitoring, control and protection systems for pressure-tube reactors and RBMK reactors. In particular, the company designed equipment for I&C of Ruslan nuclear plant. Besides, NIKIET designed and commissioned the integrated control and protection system for RBMK reactors at Smolensk NPP Unit 3, as well as Kursk NPP and Leningrad NPP.

NIKIET designs and manufactures detectors for measurement of various reactor plant parameters which are unique both in their features and functionality. For some types of reactors, the full cycle of development and manufacturing of actuators for reactor control and protection systems (CPS) is carried out. In particular, a linear step mechanism completed with electronic hardware has been designed and tested for research reactors, and several types of servo drives (for emergency protection, manual control, shortened absorber rods) have been designed and tested for RBMK reactors. Apart from that, the company has carried out a set of works on development and implementation of cluster mechanisms at NPPs.