Dukhov All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Automation

Dukhov All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Automation

Dukhov All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Automation (VNIIA) is one of the leading companies of Rosatom State Corporation and a big research hub.

Development and fabrication of software and hardware tools for instrumentation and control systems (TPTS platform) applied at nuclear and thermal power plants is one of the critical areas of the institute activity.

TPTS software and hardware tools are developed by the institute experts who used state-of-the-art technology mastered by VNIIA within the framework of the previously obtained license from Siemens.

Currently, VNIIA offers the third generation of this set, namely, TPTS-NT automation set taking into account the experience of automation of more than 40 nuclear and thermal facilities combined with the recent progress in electronics.

TPTS-NT set ensures compliance with all up-to-date technical requirements: system response time does not exceed 100-200 ms, remote controllers can be built into the equipment of other manufacturers, short measurement cycle is ensured for the unified analogue signals, communication with smart devices is arranged via local RS-485 networks with standard network protocols, and so on. Besides, it is possible to use flexible configurations ensuring efficient hardware use for automation of various size objects from individual process units to nuclear power plants.

All kinds of equipment, assemblies, devices including printed circuit boards and modules with surface mounting are manufactured in Russia according to the design documentation developed based on the national standards. Among the applied hardware components there are semiconductor devices from the leading world manufacturers with enhanced reliability.

In addition, VNIIA is the manufacturer of sensors and pressure indicator units for nuclear and oil and gas plants, portable neutron generators and other equipment on their base, radiation monitoring equipment, seismic sensors and seismic data registration systems, arc protection devices for power plants and other power facilities.