JSC “RASU” and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Ready for Technology Partnership

JSC “RASU” and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Ready for Technology Partnership
20 October 2016
The Memorandum of Understanding and Business Partnership was signed by JSC “RASU” and Mitsubishi Electric at the ATOMEX-2016 suppliers forum.

Andrey Butko, CEO of JSC “Rusatom Automated Control Systems”, believes that the technology partnership with one of the world’s major companies developing I&C for nuclear power plants and industrial facilities will be beneficial for both parties.

“We have certain know-how and original technical solutions applied successfully in I&C for NPPs of the Russian design. Our product is designed with regard to post-Fukushima safety requirements, and we are ready to offer it at the global markets”, Mr. Butko said. “For this purpose JSC “RASU” enters into active cooperation with international companies involved in I&C design. The signed Memorandum of Understanding and Business Partnership with Mitsubishi Electric is the result of a fruitful business dialogue. Among other issues, we discussed the option of localized engineering and equipment manufacture, as well as development of competences in implementation of advanced integrated hi-tech products and project finance tools.”

According to Mr. Katsuya Furuta, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Group Vice President and General Manager of Nuclear Energy, Advanced Magnetic & Medical Systems Marketing Division, after 2011 and the Fukushima accident the Japanese nuclear industry is facing certain difficulties. However, they encourage the company to improve its products. “I would like to emphasize our commitment to support the systems installed at the operating NPP units. Reliable and steady work of our partners is the top priority for the Corporation. Keeping this in mind, I am sure that our cooperation with the Russian companies is going to be successful.”

The main areas of cooperation between JSC “RASU” and Mitsubishi Electric include improvement and modernization of the previously developed systems with regard to the current safety rules and regulations, technical and marketing consulting regarding operations in overseas markets, interaction in the area of advanced I&C design based on the developments of the Russian and Japanese parties. If the pilot projects are successful, certain units and components of Mitsubishi Electric may be localized at the Russian factories of “Rosatom” State Corporation.

In order to implement the ideas of the Memorandum, a working group of technical experts and marketing specialists has been established.