RASU JSC Completes I&C Subsystem Tests for Kalinin NPP Unit 1

13 May 2020

As part of a major modernization of Instrumentation and Control (I&C) system at Kalinin NPP Unit 1, RASU JSC has tested the Information and Computing System and Safety Parameter Display System (ICS/SPDS) at the company’s test site.

ICS/SPDS is an I&C subsystem for centralized monitoring of processes and equipment in all design-basis operating modes. This is the main system for presentation of information.

The purpose of the tests was to check that the technical and functional characteristics of the I&C subsystem comply with the Requirements Specification. As part of this preliminary standalone testing, the company’s specialists checked and adjusted the system hardware and software, and tested the overall system performance. For information load, emulators of field level software and hardware packages were used.

“ICS is extremely important for the plant safety. Replacement of outdated equipment and implementation of cutting-edge technologies for data processing and presentation will contribute to reliability and safety of the whole system. We do everything in accordance with the I&C modernization schedule to commission the power unit in time”, said Nikolay Vladislavlev, Project Manager, I&C Modernization Project Office, RASU JSC.

The equipment has already been sent to the plant. After an incoming inspection, installation will begin soon.

“Next, we will do installation and commissioning supervision and come to another important step, integration tests”, Nikolay Vladislavlev noted.


For information:

Kalinin NPP Unit 1 modernization project is aimed at refurbishment of the power unit with deep modernization and improvement of equipment technical characteristics for better safety and sustainability of the unit operation.

The project includes such important works as modernization of I&C, electrical equipment, replacement of the unit transformer, turbine generator stator, power unit cabling, as well as installation of an automated radiation monitoring system and an overhaul of the reactor plant and the turbine generator set.

RASU team faces an ambitious goal – to do the full-scope I&C modernization during the scheduled outage of the power unit. Such large-scale works have never been done before at an existing unit. More than a half of the overall plant I&C is subject to replacement. RASU JSC is the supplier of the following subsystems: normal operation I&C, safety I&C 1,2,3, ICS/SPDS, gate valves distribution assembly, MCR and ECR mosaic panels.