RASU JSC Holds CEO Day in a New Format

30 June 2020
On June 29, Rusatom Automated Control Systems JSC (RASU JSC) held the first CEO Day this year in the format of a live webinar.
First of all, Andrey Butko, the CEO of RASU JSC, noted that the company, in the face of restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic, having no ready-made solutions at hand, managed to adapt to the circumstances, switched to digital communication and kept on working successfully. He thanked IT specialists for their well-coordinated teamwork and provision of remote access to information resources. The CEO also appreciated the efforts of the HR service and documentation support department that prepared supplementary agreements to labor contracts and changed the document flow procedure. In these difficult times, the administration and maintenance department organized the relocation of the company to a new modern office.
“Managers, heads of departments and subdivisions also played an important role. Some of them delivered computers to their employees themselves, thus uniting us into a common information environment. Thanks to our joint efforts, the company remained efficient during the pandemic. In some cases, issues were solved even faster than before. The new experience has demonstrated that remote work can be efficient, and we will use it in the future”, Andrey Butko said.
In his speech, the CEO shared the information on the key financial indicators of the company for the first half of the year, and plans for the remaining half. He said that the new conditions make it critically important for us to plan our resources and achieve milestones in the Russian and overseas NPP construction projects. In the future, it will result in better performance, labor efficiency and investment in development of human resources. The latter is the key aspect; that is why, with an aim of improvement of cross-functional interaction within the company, RASU JSC has launched the development program for managers of all levels named “I&C and Electrical Equipment Team”.
Andrey Butko paid special attention to new business areas and projects which are supposed to give new impulse to development of the company. According to the CEO, the most important strategic task is to shape an internationally qualified product – nuclear I&C, and to sell in the global market. The latest landmark projects include the launch of a product line of industrial switches certified by FSTEC of Russia, and development of a prototype of a digital substation which will be in trial operation at a real industrial facility till the end of the year, with further commercial production. The CEO of the company also finds it important to get an approval of the list of unified domestic electronic components for application in NPP I&C equipment and modules, and to implement the product strategy of the new business area – nuclear instrumentation. 
In addition to the speech of Andrey Butko, heads of enterprises under the management of RASU JSC also reported on their main projects and performance indicators. According to Alexander Kartsev, General Director of JSC SNIIP, despite the restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic, the enterprise is planning to exceed the target business indicators by the end of the year. This will be a solid basis for further growth and development, both at the level of the I&C division and the Russian nuclear industry as a whole. 
Andrey Butko also reminded that achievement of the target indicators by each company of the division will enable the enterprises to keep on developing, investing in new products, modernizing their production facilities and equipment, increasing salaries.
In the final part of the event, managers of RASU JSC answered the employees’ questions collected before and during the webinar.