Construction of Kursk NPP-2 Units 1 & 2 is a new step of nuclear power development in Russia as it involves commissioning of VVER-TOI reactor plants with VVER-1200 reactors (pressurized water reactors). The major changes made in the design relate to ensuring sustainable and failure-free operation in case of any extreme environmental conditions and natural disasters, and implementation of up-to-date IT technologies and principles of defense-in-depth and cybersecurity.

I&C for Kursk NPP-2 is a multi-level control system for the power unit consisting of subsystems grouped according to processes or functionality, and working together with each other.

When designing I&C for power units of Kursk NPP-2, experts of JSC RASU pay special attention to improvement of human-machine interface and quality of data displayed, as well as the increase in the degree of automation when it comes to control of plant conditions and measurement of process parameters related to the reactor plant and supporting systems. The maximum automation of the power unit will minimize the need for activities of the personnel in normal operation modes and reduce the risk of human errors.

Along with the process-related issues, much attention is paid to reducing the operational costs and optimizing the number of the required personnel.