JSC RASU carries on negotiations with the General Contractor on implementation of an integrated project for development, supply and commissioning of I&C for Paks NPP Units 5&6 (Hungary).

JSC RASU is ready to offer a Russian software and hardware platform as a design basis.

I&C designed for Leningrad NPP-2 may be used as a reference solution. However, more than 300 contractual requirements have to be taken into account when developing I&C for Paks NPP Units 5&6, which will significantly change configuration of equipment and software.  Developers focus particularly on compliance with WENRA, EUR and HAEA regulations and standards.

Among special features of I&C for Paks NPP-2, there are certain special requirements of the General Contractor for the Automated System for Commercial Accounting of Power Consumption and Electrical I&C due to peculiarities of electric power grid in Hungary.