The design of Rostov NPP Unit 4 was developed based a proven solution – V-320 reactor plant with VVER-1000 reactor and upgraded PGV-1000M steam generator.

I&C of Rostov NPP Unit 3 and Unit 4 is similar to the one of Unit 2 of this nuclear power plant. Its features include transition from a block-type computer system to ULS (upper-level system) built on PORTAL software platform capable to monitor parameters and control all processes at the NPP using operator workstations.

Display-based control will make it possible to accumulate representation of all necessary information within ULCS (upper level control system), both summary and detailed, and reduce the amount of equipment controlled from local control stations.

Currently a number of subsystems are installed including RI I&C (Reactor Island Instrumentation & Control System), ESFAS (Engineered Safety Features Actuation System), EE I&C (Electrical Equipment Instrumentation & Control System).

Completion of I&C commissioning at Rostov NPP Unit 4 is planned for 2017.